Our Mission

Bickell Built is committed to a responsible and diligent approach to home building. We build homes that represent our customers, employees and trades commitment to their environment, community and lifestyle. Our aim is to establish a new standard and approach to home building. One which breaks free from the "cookie cutter" and "corner cutting" culture of production homes.


Our family oriented company was formed in 1987. We bring our customers 30 years of quality experience in Perth County & beyond.

Our Approach


1. Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction & Service

As a registered Tarion Home Warranty Corporation Builder/Vender we deliver our customers peace of mind. Over our history, our record with Tarion is spotless, having never experienced a Chargeable Conciliation on any project in our 28 year history.

Our after sales service is absolutely second to none. We offer an interpersonal approach to service during and after the construction of your new home. 



“Built to Last. Bickell Built.” has been a slogan of ours for many years. We believe that we have a responsibility to deliver a long lasting durable product.

Our structural standard far exceeds the Ontario Building Codes standard. We take pride in constant use of materials such as engineered warp free studs, water impervious sub-floors and exterior sheathing, high quality shingles, engineered wood I floor systems, and so much more.



At Bickell Built Homes we are committed to building high-performance, energy-efficient and sustainable new homes. Each and every home we build is modeled, air tested, inspected and certified by our third party energy advisors at Building Knowledge Inc. Every home we build - from multi-family to custom detached homes – follows the SB-12 Performance Path and must be proven to perform at a minimum efficiency of less than 80 GigaJoules of consumption per year.




At Bickell Built we understand that not everyone is a natural interior designer. We also understand that the amount of material options available can be overwhelming. We offer every customer complimentary design/décor consultation to help enhance your building experience. Our design consultants have the experience and know how needed to help simplify and guide you through this process in a thorough and efficient manner.


Our Team

Brett Bickell   General Manager - Owner  Brett@BickellBuiltHomes.com

Brett Bickell

General Manager - Owner


Dan Bickell   Construction Manager  Dan@BickellBuiltHomes.com

Dan Bickell

Construction Manager


Jonathan Bickell   Site Supervisor  Jon@BickellBuiltHomes.com

Jonathan Bickell

Site Supervisor


Marie Bickell   Office Manager  Marie@BickellBuiltHomes.com

Marie Bickell

Office Manager



From the first time we stepped into Bickell Built’s open house, their quality and beautiful custom finishes were only one of the many things that had us sold.
— Ashley Rothwell (St. Marys, Ont)
We cannot say enough good things about our dealings with, and the quality of, Bickell Built Homes. They were friendly, honest, responsive and accommodating. We truly felt part of the family from the start.
— Maxine Rybka (St. Marys, Ont)
Our house is everything we wanted and more! We couldn’t be happier with how well it was built and how it all came together!
— Meagan Grant
The whole staff is very accommodating and make you feel like a person not a number.
— Anne Marie Brenner (St. Marys, Ont)
They built our home as if it were their own. You don’t get better quality than that!
— Andrea Ward (St. Marys, Ont)
We found that Dan and Brett realized that they were constructing a home for us, not just a house.
— Ruth Constable (St. Marys, Ont)
We couldn’t be more pleased with our Bickell Built Homes!
— Wendy Anderson (Perth East, Ont)
Our experience building a house with Bickell Built exceeded our expectations.
— Kerry Wright (St. Marys, Ont)
It is obvious that they truly care and wanted to do everything they could to ensure our custom built dream home came to fruition. These are exceptional people and an exceptional company.
— Rachel Mahaffy (St. Marys, Ont)
We can honestly say the care taken in building our home along with the after sale follow up has been fantastic. They all have been a great family to work with and always treat us all with great respect.
— Alfred Wing (St. Marys, Ont)
Our experience has proven that the Bickell Built Homes team is a group of dedicated professionals who take pride in their work.
— Shane Pfaff
Living in a Bickell Built is the best decision I have made.
— Jess Morey (St. Marys, Ont)
The building experience with Bickell Built Homes was excellent from start to finish.
— Judi Rankin (Perth South, Ont)
We would do it all again with this team in a heartbeat!
— Phyllis Grover (Perth South, Ont)
All I can say is INCREDIBLE, from start to finish and beyond, the Bickell team is professional all the way!
— Louise Young (St. Marys, Ont)
We love our new Bickell home! Building with Bickell Built was an excellent decision for us.
— Kelly Deeks (St. Marys, Ont)
We knew when building in St. Marys Bickell Built Homes were the builders to deal with. We had a great experience with everyone that we dealt with.
— Cheryl Staffen (St. Marys, Ont)
Without a doubt we are very pleased with our purchase of a Bickell Built Home. The entire team was great to work with.
— Ann Switzer (St. Marys, Ont)
Bickell Built Homes is second to none!
— Tara Boreham (St. Marys, Ont)
I have been mightily impressed with every aspect of Bickell Built Homes.
— Heather Meakin (St. Marys, Ont)
the questions I have are quickly answered. I love my new home and would recommend Bickell Homes highly.
— Marlene Weston (St. Marys, Ont)
We are extremely happy with the entire Bickell team and love our new house.
— Kyle Huffman (Lucan, Ont)
We are thrilled with our new home. it is very well built and we are proud of what our home represents: our hard work and commitment as a family; and Bickell Built’s commitment to us, to integrity and to quality.
— Dan Gracey (St. Marys, Ont)